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Decree Law no. 215 of 27/10/2006 – Organic Law of the Ministry of Culture
Decree Law no. 96 of 29/03/2007 – Establishment of IGESPAR
Ministerial Order no. 376 of 30/03/2007 – Statute/Organisation of IGESPAR
IGESPAR’s mission is to manage, safeguard, conserve, and enhance those assets that, due to their historical, artistic, landscape, scientific, social and technical value integrate Portugal’s listed architectural and archaeological heritage. 

Main goal

IGESPAR’s main goal is to achieve excellence as a public service responsible for managing the heritage, both at national and international scale, before its counterparts, as well as its public target. 


Observance of the heritage laws in force
Technical and scientific rigorousness
Ethics and Transparency
Quality and continuous improvement
Growth and development
Multidisciplinarity and cooperation

Strategic goals

To consolidate IGESPAR by enhancing the abilities of the former IPPAR, IPA and DGEMN’s safeguarding department. To improve the quality of services rendered to internal and external clients and enhance the listed heritage.
Management rationality