Heritage Learning

One of IGESPAR’s main objectives is, according to its organic Law (Decree Law no. 96/2007 of 29 March), to raise awareness and disseminate good practices for safeguarding and enhancing the architectural and archaeological heritage. This is to be achieved through the coordination of Heritage Education actions.  

Heritage Education is an active, permanent and systematic process of pedagogical work focussed on cultural heritage. Just like the concept of heritage, Heritage Education’s scope of action is becoming wider, more integrated, and more multidisciplinary. 

Bearing in mind that Heritage Education is a strategic priority in its public service mission, IGESPAR (and the former IPPAR) have developed a number of cultural and pedagogical initiatives addressed to the public, children and youngsters in particular, through the implementation of nationwide projects and the activity of its Educational Services in the six Monuments and Côa Archaeological Park under its care.

The Educational Services in IGESPAR’s Dependent Services are strategic heritage dissemination  centres, as they are involved in promoting, disseminating and enhancing the built heritage locally but also at a regional, national and international scope. Their programmes are meant to explore the specific potentials of each monument, while also providing special leisure/pleasure and learning moments to different types of public.  

IGESPAR’s Educational Services offer a wide and attractive scope of actions and response from the public has been gradually increasing. The total number of participants in educational actions was 318 914 in 2008 compared to 211 814 in 2007.

Ongoing Educational Projects

Protocol of cooperation between IGESPAR, the Institute of Museums and Conservation and the Directorate General for Innovation and Curricular Development (Ministry of Education)

A partnership between the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education has been sealed through the signature of a protocol between the Directorate General for Innovation and Curricular Development (DGIDC), the Institute for Managing the Architectural and Archaeological Heritage (IGESPAR) and the Institute of Museums and Conservation (IMC). The objective of this protocol is to provide schools and heritage institutions an opportunity to develop cooperation links.

Sundays from 10.00 to 13.00. Family programmes in Museums and monuments

This family programme aims at enhancing the actions of the educational services from the museums and monuments under the Ministry of Culture, through the Institute for Managing the Architectural and Archaeological Heritage (IGESPAR) and the Institute of Museums and Conservation (IMC). It includes weekend activities addressed to children and youngsters, while also involving their families. Due to the historical, documentary and museological character of this programme, it will involve some of Portugal’s most recognised museums, palaces and monuments.

Science and Heritage

Science and Heritage is an initiative issuing from the cooperation between Living Science and IGESPAR. Its main goal is to emphasise the role of science in the creation and conservation of heritage, through a national programme of visits to sites and monuments. Heritage researchers and experts agree to get together with the public in Monuments and Sites, and embark on a journey across centuries of history through state of the art Science. Visits are mainly held at weekends in the months of May and June. Entrance is free.

International Day for Monuments and Sites and European Heritage Days

The International Day for Monuments and Sites and the European Heritage Days are annual projects aimed at raising awareness and disseminating information about heritage issues. Coordinated by IGESPAR at national level, they contemplate Heritage Education

“Wonders of Portuguese Origin in the World – World Heritage” Competition

This competition was organised by “New 7 Wonders Portugal” in partnership with the Directorate General for Innovation and Curricular Development from the Ministry of Education and IGESPAR. Its main goal was to promote knowledge dissemination about the Portuguese heritage legacy in the world through the Internet, radio and television. It was mainly addressed to students doing their basic and secondary education.

Former Educational Projects

Competition “Olh’as Maravilhas” - 2007

“Olh’As Maravilhas” was an art competition, promoted jointly by the Portuguese Institute for Architectural Heritage (IPPAR), the Arts Institute (IA) and New Seven Wonders Portugal S.A., with exclusive sponsorship from MODELO, in 2007. This was a nationwide competition for children and youngsters between the ages of 4 and 14. Its main objective was to stimulate the curiosity and interest of this public for the cultural heritage seen from a comprehensive perspective.

“Heritage... in an instant” 2008 and 2009

This was a photo artistic creation contest promoted with the help of SAPO within the project International Monuments Photographic Experience (IMPE) (link http://ihpe.mhcat.cat/esp/mhc.php). It challenged youngsters to get involved with the richness of history and cultural heritage, by capturing past and present in a camera, inspired by a heritage element. In an invitation to give free expression to creativity and imagination, heritage was rediscovered by capturing the precise contact with the cultural heritage.  This activity was developed exclusively through the internet in 2008 and 2009.  

Education and Training internship courses - 2009

Within the responsibilities issuing from the Protocol of Cooperation with the Directorate General for Innovation and Curricular Development and according to the protocol’s sub clause b) of clause 1: "to provide professional training addressed to basic and secondary level schools, namely through Education and Training internship courses in areas the IMC and IGESPAR are conversant with ", IGESPAR offered 2 months internships - April and May 2009 in the services areas below:

Monastery of Batalha
- floriculture and gardening - 2
- natural environments and wild life - 4
- marketing - 4
- assistance to children and youngsters - 2
- floriculture and gardening - 1
- management and administration - 1
Courses were only held in the Monastery of Jerónimos and Tower of Belém, as there were no candidates for courses in other IGESPAR monuments.

Contest “my school adopts a museum, a palace, a monument...” - 2009

IGESPAR cooperated in the 2009 school contest “my school adopts a museum, a palace, a monument...”, an initiative promoted jointly by the Directorate General for Innovation and Curricular Development (DGIDC) from the Ministry of Education and the Institute for Museums and Conservation (IMC) from the Ministry of Culture. The main objective of this contest was to stimulate knowledge about Portugal’s museums and other heritage, to encourage contact among schools, museums and monuments, while raising awareness of youngsters towards knowledge, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage.

This contest involved developing creative works based on museums belonging to the IMC and RPM (Portuguese Museums Network) and monuments under IGESPAR. Works were submitted to a jury and exhibited by the José Malhoa Museum, in Caldas da Rainha, on the 18 May 2009.

Online Educational Services