Convent of Christ

Including the Templar castle and the Convent of the Order of Christ -construction of which occurred between the 12th and the 17th centuries -, the monument inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List has one of the most expressive testimonies to the history of Portuguese architecture. These are the church’s Romanesque “charola”, the cloister of King D. João III, and the famous Manueline window at the Chapter House.

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Convento de Cristo

Convento de Cristo

Convento de Cristo
Capela dos Reis Magos
Vista Aérea
Janela Manuelina do Coro
Claustro D. João III

This huge structure, including its seven cloisters and different monastic constructions, stands adjacent to the old wall – Mata dos Sete Montes, an area of significant natural and landscape value.

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Guided visits

Advance booking only.

Cost: € 6

- Thematic routes

  • João de Castilhos’ Magnificent Work at the Convent of Christ
  • The Manueline at the Convent of Christ
  • 16th-century Sculpture and Paintings at the Charola
  • Iconography of the Manueline Window at the Chapter House
  • Templar Castle: Fortress and city centre (Almedina)
  • Convent of Christ by night

Guided visits organised by the Convent

Advance booking only.

The average size of the groups should be of 15/20 people, or lower when the visitors influx decreases.

Visits are also held in English, French and Spanish.

Cost: € 6

Private visits

By advance booking only, under previously agreed conditions and only when the monument is closed to the public.

The average size of the group should be 30 people, at 12 Euros/each, plus an extra cost for employees overtime costs.

Educational Services

Guided visits for schools, by advance reservation, depending on staff availability.
Tel.: +351 249313481; Fax +351 249322730

Tourist/Cultural Tours Nearby

By advance booking only, and under previously agreed conditions.

Each visit takes 1 to 3 hours.

  • The Spirit of the Place (focusing on the military religious orders – Order of the Temple and Order of Christ)
  • Templar Route through the Termo and Cêras (Castle of Tomar, Church of Sta. Maria do Olival, castles of Cêras, Almourol and Dornes)
  • Water Route (Aqueduct of Pegões and Convent Cisterns - it may be extended to the Charolinha and Cadeira d'El-Rei in the Mata dos 7 Montes park, site of the former Convent Wall)
  •  Renaissance Route (Convent of Christ, Ermida de Nª. Sra. da Conceição, Church of Sta. Iria and the Gregório Lopes Painting Centre in the Church of S. João Baptista)