Faqs - Frequently asked questions

How to proceed in order to sell a listed building, a building awaiting listing or included in a legally protected area (protection zone or special protection zone)

You will find information online by clicking on Forms.
Please refer any queries to the respective Regional Directorate for Culture.
You will find further information about your local Regional Directorate for Culture in Consulta de Processos.
You will find this information online by clicking on Forms and/or in Heritage Legal Protection. 

How to notify IGESPAR of any possible threats to heritage? 

You may fill in a form by clicking on Forms / Protect the Heritage and send it to IGESPAR, I.P.
You may also send a letter or a fax to IGESPAR, I.P.
For Address information, click on Contacts.

How do you know if a particular building is listed or awaiting listing?

You will find this information online in Search the Heritage or Georeferenced Search. If you have any further queries, please send us an email: igespar@igespar.pt.

How to order any publication or other product from IGESPAR, I.P.?

Visit the Shop Online or go to the monuments shops. Click Visit our Monuments or go to IGESPAR’s shop in Palácio Nacional da Ajuda (Lisboa). You may also contact the Institute’s Sales or click on Organisation chart.